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Light Up Christmas

Light Up Christmas for a child in hospital

Your help is needed to Light Up Christmas for children and families facing a hospital stay this December.

Your donations could help children like Joey, who was just 12 days old when he underwent life-saving surgery at Christmas time.

Joey’s mum Sam explains: “Christmas lights flickered around us as the doctors worked to save our baby’s life. Hours before we had been given the devastating news that he had a brain tumour.

“We were told to prepare for the worst. Our world had shattered. I had been making Christmas lists, buying presents and organising family fun with Joey and his sister Carly. Now, it all seemed hopeless.

“After eight agonising hours, 50% of the tumour was removed. But Joey was still seriously ill and needed a second operation. The days passed in a blur as we sat by his side in Intensive Care, his little snowman pyjamas hidden by tubes and wires.”

Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity were there for us at every turn, supporting us on the ward when none of our family or friends could visit.

“Their activities gave us a break from our daily reality. Seeing Joey respond to bubbles in baby sensory sessions, and hearing singing and live music was wonderful. It gave us hope. The change that came over the ward when the charity arrived was amazing, everyone’s faces lit up.

“Two days before Christmas, Joey had his second brain surgery. This time, they removed 98% of the tumour, but we still had a way to go. With six long months of intensive chemotherapy ahead, we were determined to make the most of every moment.

“On Christmas Day, Covid rules were relaxed and we were allowed to be together. The charity made sure our time was magical. They showered the kids with gifts and involved Carly in all the fun. The best gift of all was seeing her and her baby brother together for the first time since he was admitted.

“In March, we were transferred to the new Royal Hospital for Children and Young People. We felt anxious leaving the old Sick Kids but the moment we arrived we were reassured with the most wonderful welcome. The new hospital is made for children and families. It’s a bright, fun, friendly space that supporters of the charity should be proud to have made possible.

“Joey is now 11 months old, cancer free and growing stronger every day. Ringing the bell to mark the end of his treatment was such a special and emotional moment.

“Without doubt, the support from the charity made a huge difference to his first months of development, his recovery and our first memories as a family.

“Please join me in making a donation to Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity today.” – Sam, Joey’s mum

How your support could make a difference

can bring a family together. An ECHC art workshop, play session or film screening in our cosy hospital Hub can be the only time families have together this Christmas.

£50 can bring friendships to children who have none. Learning dance moves, playing virtual reality or joining our Youth Group breaks down barriers and builds friendships.

£100 can bring peace of mind. For some families, a change of clothes, respite so they can sleep or shower, or talking to someone who understands, can give strength to carry on.

Or enter your own amount:

Please consider making a gift to Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity this Christmas. Thank you.