What will you do to

make Christmas magical? 

You can make this the most magical Christmas yet.

Imagine you are a child in hospital at Christmas: you might be scared, lonely, isolated from your friends and family, or simply sad to be missing out on all the joy and wonder of the season because of illness or injury. We believe that nothing should get in the way of being a child.

We make Christmas magical for those children who have to spend it in hospital by creating a living advent calendar around the wards with a new surprise behind each door - everything from a real ballerina to a favourite footballer! 

This is just one of the many things we do all year round to make sure that babies, children, young people and their families are better supported and comforted, and have their lives less interrupted by illness. 

We rely solely on donations to keep our life-changing work going, and you can help those who visit the hospital to have a magical time by making a gift this Christmas.

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“The extra support from Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity was immeasurable. I honestly don't know where we would be without them.”


We're approaching our son Noah’s third Christmas, but this will actually be the first time that we will spend Christmas Day all together at home. 

Noah was born just before Christmas 2017. Having a child born during the festive period should be magical as you can’t wait to celebrate your first Christmas with them and all the family. Unfortunately for us, this wasn’t the case and Noah spent his first Christmas in the neonatal unit.  

Waking up in a different place from our baby on his first Christmas morning was heart breaking. 

After nine long months of hospital stays, we were discharged and thought our little boy was home for good. On Christmas Eve 2018, Noah was healthy and we were so happy to be finally spending the next day all together. We were cosied up, just settling down for the night when Noah started to choke, then he turned blue and we rushed him to hospital.  

As Noah was in high dependency, we were offered a place to sleep overnight in the parents’ accommodation. Without Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity we wouldn’t have had that option. The next day, even though he was ill, Noah was excited to be visited by Santa Claus and to be given the biggest bag of presents ever!

This year has been a rollercoaster for Noah. He has had three surgeries, two of which were just last month. However, this Christmas we are very hopeful that we will all be able to spend it together at home. We’re looking forward to opening our presents in the morning, followed by Christmas dinner in the late afternoon and then playing lots of games in the evening. We can’t wait.


We know that this won’t be the same for every family and that some children will be going to sleep on Christmas Eve in a hospital bed, instead of being tucked up at home dreaming of Santa. 


From the bottom of our hearts, on Christmas Day we will be thinking of each and every one of the families spending their day at the “Sick Kids”. We know first-hand how hard it can be, but we also know that when you’re there, you are in the safest of hands with the kindest and most caring staff.


Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity will be pulling out all the stops to bring magic and joy to those who have to spend Christmas in hospital. They have a wonderful living advent calendar planned where there will be a new treat every day for the children to discover!


This is just one of the fantastic things that the charity does all year-round to help children like Noah and families like mine have the best possible experience in hospital.


I hope that you will join me in making a donation to Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity that could help Make Christmas Magical.

- Rachael, Noah's mum x

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