Donate - Ceannas

Yes, I want to help children in hospital – now.

Every year, every day, every hour, ECHC works tirelessly to provide seriously ill babies, children, young people and their families with the extra support they need when facing a potentially life-changing hospital visit.

But we have a problem. We can only reach 1 in 10 children who come through the doors of the hospital. That means many hundreds of children each year can’t benefit from our support.

The only thing preventing us from reaching every child is money. We don’t have enough. You can help change that. You are the solution.

With your support, we can reach every child who needs us, and make a huge impact on so many young lives.

Despite the greatest challenges a child can face, the hospital is a place where being sick doesn’t have to mean being sad.

And that’s because of you. Your generosity is taking away fear, speeding up recovery and providing reassurance, distraction and comfort every step of the way. Thank you.