Toys, clothes, chocolate and other items

A few tips if you're thinking of making a donation of toys, clothes or other items..

Many supporters want to help by giving donations of physical items such as new or secondhand clothes and toys, chocolate selection boxes, advent calendars and Easter eggs. 

 Although the thought is kind, there may be reasons why we can't  accept donations of physical items: 

  • Infection control regulations in the hospital mean that no soft toys, fabric or secondhand items can be accepted for use in the playrooms or wards. 
  • The hospital or other healthcare services in the community may not have a need for the particular items being donated.
  • We may already have sufficient supply, or limited storage space and staff time due to previous donations e.g. large quantities of chocolate and toys given at Christmas/Easter. 

What you can do to help us:

Rather than giving physical gifts, why not donate money towards the Play Department, Family Support, or whichever area of the hospital you want to support? Find out how to make a donation here, or by clicking the donate button in the menu bar.

Always get in touch before you arrange to buy items for donation - we don't want your money to go to waste on toys or chocolate that we can't take. Email hello@echcharity,org or call us on 0131 668 4949 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

If you really want to give physical gifts rather than a financial donation, we can provide a list of items requested by teams at the hospital that we know will be useful to them. 

Lastly...thank you 

By reading the information and advice above, you'll help us to make the most of your gifts and transform the experiences of children and young people in hospital. 

 (Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity reserve the right to sell or use donated items for other charitable purposes).