Hold Fast Challenge - Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity

Hold Fast Challenge

20 Nov 2022

Willowgate Activity Centre, Perth

Step forward and test your limits!

The Hold Fast Challenge is a military training challenge like no other!

The Hold Fast team are former Mine Clearance Divers, an elite branch of the Royal Navy. Clearance Divers are faced with obstacles beyond imagination and have to be mentally and physically strong to do their duty. The only way to prepare is to train hard and train well, and that is what the Hold Fast team wants to share. If you love exercising in the great outdoors, or you want to experience something new with friends and colleagues that really challenges you, what are you waiting for? Step forward!

During the approx. 2 hour session, your team will experience log carries, swamp run, surface swimming, OPPO carries, bodyweight circuits, in and outs, and lots more! Each task will allow you to score points, moving you ever closer to winning the Hold Fast trophy and each participant will receive a Hold Fast t-shirt!

How to enter

The challenge day will be run in teams of 4-5 participants. You can be a team leader and gather the troops or come at it alone and we can add you to a team! Please click sign up now below and complete the booking form.

Please email hello@echcharity.org or call 0131 668 4949 for more information.