Fantastic four's 500km fundraiser

Let’s hear it for Niamh, Ava, Murray and Ruari Inglis – four young siblings who set themselves the amazing challenge of walking, running and cycling 500km during Lent!

Instead of the usual giving up of sweets or treats, the fantastic four decided to raise funds for children and young people at Edinburgh’s children’s hospital. They completely smashed their target of £500, raising a whopping £1285!

The sporty siblings have all been regular visitors to the hospital for various ailments, so wanted to give back to say thank you for the fantastic care they received.

Their proud Dad, Michael, said “Given the sacrifices the children have endured due to Covid, we asked if they wanted to do something positive as opposed to the usual giving up of chocolate or computer games. They collectively came up with the idea of a 500km fundraising challenge for ECHC.

“The doctors, nurses and all support staff at the hospital have always been brilliant and the children were delighted to do something positive to give back.

“They really enjoyed the challenge. It had a such positive impact on getting them outdoors more and there was definitely a competitive edge as they tried to see who could contribute the most kilometres.”

We chose ECHC as the children's hospital has been a tremendous support to our family over the years. Our friends used to joke that we had an 'Inglis Wing' there as we were such frequent visitors with minor ailments and broken bones!

Proud Dad Michael