Norman's Challenge

After the sad loss of his five-year-old son Billy in 2016, Norman MacDougall is taking on the Rotary Forth Bridge abseil to raise funds for Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity in his memory.

At the beginning of 2016, Norman experienced every parent's worst nightmare: “Our gorgeous five-year-old boy Billy took ill on February 23 last year. He collapsed at home and his little heart stopped four times on the way to A & E. After frantic efforts they revived Billy and he was transferred to the Sick Kids. Despite their very best care and hard work, Billy sadly slipped away."

"Despite their very best care and hard work, Billy sadly slipped away. "

Norman Macdougall

Thanks to the dedication of hospital staff, and support from projects funded by ECHC, the Macdougall's experience was made more bearable. "The Family Support team have been amazing. They encouraged us to make a memory box, which we filled with precious things, such as Billy’s hand and foot prints. They even had a necklace made for me with his foot prints engraved. I wear it every day. The memory boxes are just one of the many things funded by ECHC, so we want to give something back whilst remembering Billy. He was so full of life and fun, but most of all he was a caring boy and deserves to be remembered as such.”

(Norman with a photo of Billy)

Would you like to join Norman and descend 165 feet commando-style from the Forth Rail Bridge? You can find out on our event page by clicking here

(Forth Rail Bridge image modified from under CC license)

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