Team Nelson tough it out

"When Christopher was younger, he was constantly in and out of A&E at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children with different sporting injuries, and in some cases he was bed ridden, but he was such an active child he found it difficult to stay in bed. "

Donna Nelson - Christopher's mum

The brave family and friends of Christopher Nelson, who sadly passed away in 2015, have challenged themselves to take on Tough Mudder and raise money for Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity, a cause close to their hearts.

Donna Nelson, Christopher's mother, alongside his fiance Steffi, sister Becca and 19 friends have signed themselves up for Tough Mudder, a challenging 10 - 12 mile obstacle race, to raise funds for Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity.

Last year, Donna, from Eskbank, raised over £5,500 in memory of her son, who died in a tragic accident in Amsterdam at the age of 24. 

As a child, Christopher had spent time in The Royal Hospital for Sick Children on a number of occasions, and benefited from the fun and distraction that ECHC provide. 

“ECHC supplied him with a games console which they brought to him so he could play it without having to get up. It made the world of difference, not only to him but to us. He spent his first night away from home there and he was so at ease, he even thought he had been staying at a hotel which made us laugh.

Donna explains how SKFF helped Christopher

“It was reassuring for us as parents to know he felt safe and happy, even though he was in pain, so we have always been so grateful for the work of Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity. We’re glad that we’ve been able to give back to them now.”

The money raised is being used to enhance the bed spaces for children in the hospital and provide things such as games and DVDs to keep them entertained during their stay.

“We wanted the money to be used for kids who have to stay in hospital overnight or over a period of time, as this was the situation Christopher was in many years ago, so we couldn’t be happier.”

If you feel inspired to take on Tough Mudder, find out more about how you can join our team by visiting our event page

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