What's your great idea?

Young fundraisers

"I wanted to help all the other children I saw in hospital"


We have been overwhelmed by the number of children who have worked hard to raise funds to help children and young people spending time in hospital. We’ve had walkers, swimming with sharkers, bakers, pocket money savers, head shavers and so many more who have pledged their support for our work.

What's your great idea?

Lots of children have made a huge difference to those who have to spend time in hospital by raising money. ECHC funds the enhancements and distractions that make that hospital less scary and more fun!

  • Arts and crafts materials cost £500 per month for the whole hospital - you could support a ward's materials for a month for £60.
  • A visit by two of the brilliant Clowndoctors costs £100 - you could cheer up a whole ward of children and their families. 
  • £75 to buy a portable DVD player and DVDs could help to make the waiting less boring.

"It was the obvious choice"

Six year old George Hadjipieris gave us all his birthday money for two years! His little brother, Yiannis, spent 11 months in the Sick Kids with a brain tumour. Mum, Leni, said, “George was extremely proud of being able to help such a good cause – it was the obvious choice as the money helps other children.”

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