Children having long term hospital treatment go through so much. They shouldn’t have to feel lonely too. Your help is needed to support children like Mason who was diagnosed with Leukaemia last year.

His grandmother Angie shares his story:  “When I noticed that our grandson Mason was pale, lethargic and complaining of a sore tummy, I acted on intuition and took him to A&E.

“Within an hour I was given the worst news I’ve ever had in my life. Mason had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and needed to be admitted to hospital straight away. Before I knew it, he was being given a blood transfusion.

“At first Mason coped well but as time has gone on, he has become anxious and upset at the thought of the procedures, which he finds quite traumatic.

“It’s hard for him to understand what is happening with the needles and the medicines and upsetting for us to see him going through it. The whole experience has turned our world upside down.

I know this treatment is saving his life but it has robbed him of so much already. He shouldn't have to be this brave at six years old.

- Angie, Mason's grandmother

“He was due to start school last year but missed out on beginning Primary 1. This, combined with his weakened immune system and Covid restrictions, has meant that he has been quite isolated.

“He has just started the next stage which is a mix of medication given at home and in hospital so he has finally been able to start school. But sadly at times he has found settling into the school environment a bit overwhelming . I feel desperate that he can’t explain how he feels.

“He has a week of normal school life, then he’s into hospital for blood transfusions, then admitted for treatment for a virus followed by a week of school for his bloods to recover…

“All of this has really knocked his confidence. I look around the playground at all the kids running about without a care in the world and I feel so sad for him.

You feel desperate for them and you can't make it better. You just have to hold their hand.

- Angie

“The hospital and ECHC teams have made a huge difference. The dancers always cheer Mason up and he really enjoys the activity boxes, Gerry the story-teller (pictured) and Rhys the musician.

“I love to look back at pictures of him with people from the charity and see his happy wee smile. They really ensure that kids get to be kids whilst they are going through tough times in hospital.

“When you get the devastating news that your child has a serious illness you very quickly get caught up in the whirlwind of hospital life and intensive treatment. Then you move on to the long-term plan and try to live a more normal life. We really hope that we can all live a more normal life very soon.”

Please give what you can today so children like Mason going through the toughest of times never have to feel alone. Thank you.