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Our stories

Our Time with Harper

"Having these prints and pictures and elephants reminds me that she was really here and now we have pieces of Harper at home, where she belongs."

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Josh’s Christmas in Hospital

"Seeing Josh laugh and smile even when he was feeling so poorly was the most wonderful and precious Christmas gift."

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From the Sick Kids to the RHCYP – Kieran’s Journey

"It was a privilege to have him be one of the very first to be cared for in what I can only describe as a truly world class facility."

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Lucy’s Lifelong Treatment

"The charity's activities improve Lucy’s hospital stays but also help me as a parent by allowing me a little respite from being sat at her bedside."

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Rory’s Hospital Journey

"Amongst the fear and unknown, there was play, laughter, and fun, all thanks to ECHC and the extraordinary hospital staff."

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Brodie’s Life-Saving Bump

"The trampoline bump was a saving grace. If he hadn't hit his head, it could have been a long time before the tumour was spotted."

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Sick Kids’ Memories Time Capsule

We asked visitors, families, staff and volunteers to send in their memories to honour the legacy of the Sick Kids

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