Pay for a Day

How it works

Pay for a Day is a wonderful way for you or your organisation to fund a full 24 hours of support at Edinburgh’s children’s hospital from our Children’s Wellbeing Team.

It costs £1087 per day to bring ECHC’s services to all those who need us. No child or young person wants to be in hospital, but for those who have to be, we are there to make the experience as positive as possible. Your funding can provide a full day of fun, laughter and distraction through arts activities, youth work and family support.

Pay for a Day is your opportunity to make a difference to the lives of children in hospital. You can choose the day – select a date that is meaningful to you – and make it meaningful for children in hospital too.

To register your interest, please get in touch.

A meaningful day

Your support will help children and families on good days, bad days and everything else in between.

For you, your chosen date could be a birthday, anniversary or to mark a special occasion. For a family in hospital, it will be the day a child receives a devastating diagnosis, the day of a long awaited, life-changing operation or another hard day of treatment.

With your donation, it can also be the day a baby’s eyes light up during a sensory session on the ward; the day a budding guitarist gets to rock out with music makers in a waiting room; or the day an anxious young person finds escape through a Virtual Reality session in our Hub. A day when memories are made.

By paying for a day, you can bring boogie and ballet to the bedside, transform wards and waiting areas into worlds of adventure through storytelling, and bring a family together for a cosy cinema night.

Who can pay for a day?

Anybody! The Pay for a Day gift amount is £1087 and can be donated as a one-off gift or you can fundraise towards it through your workplace, community group, school or by doing a sporting challenge.

If you would like to find out more about how you can Pay for a Day, please do get in touch on hello@echcharity.org or make your Pay for a Day donation by clicking below.

Recognising your support

To help you celebrate the day you choose, we will mark it in several ways:

  • Personalised certificate/artwork thanking you will be displayed on your chosen day in our special frame and placed in the hospital
  • A thank you post on our website/social media channels
  • A thank you tour of the hospital on you special day, with a chance to meet some of the ECHC Children’s Wellbeing Team and help with activities (current Covid restrictions allowing)
  • Photographs/video clips of activities from the day sent by email
  • A short in-person/virtual presentation about ECHC’s work to you, your group or company