Play Programme

The importance of play!

Play can help children deal with the emotions of spending time in hospital, prepare for upcoming procedures and assist with recovery. Often, it simply takes their mind off any worries or distracts from pain, fear and discomfort.

Your donations support the training of the hospital’s wonderful Play Team who do everything they can to fill the wards and playrooms with joy and laughter – organising arts and crafts, mindfulness colouring, messy play, board game battles and outdoor activities that the whole family can get involved in.

Your generosity helps to ensure that playrooms are filled with toys, books and games to distract and entertain and that children are rewarded for their bravery with certificates, gifts and treats.

The fun activities just make everything better. The children almost forget where they are. If you ask him now what happened to him in hospital, he'll just tell you he played in the playroom!