St John's Emergency Department

Children and families visiting the Emergency Department at St John’s Hospital will now benefit from fully refurbished, child-friendly paediatric spaces, thanks to St John’s Children’s Fund – ECHC’s fund which supports West Lothian.

Following a £50,000 renovation, the designated children and young people’s area within the Emergency Department has been transformed into a welcoming, comfortable and calming environment.

Children and young people using the St John’s Children’s Ward and from the local area were actively involved in the redesign. When asked what they liked most about West Lothian, they said the green hills, trees, birds and fresh air – all of which have been incorporated into the enhancements.

The enhancements help to put children & families at ease, reduce anxiety & boredom & create a positive healing environment. They have been universally well received by visitors as well as staff.

Dr Rachel Anderson, Clinical Director Emergency Medicine at St John's Hospital

We worked with Staunch Industries who carried out the design and installation of the project. Colourful and playful pieces of artwork and bespoke, hand-crafted pieces of furniture feature throughout the paediatric waiting area, treatment bays and bathrooms, along with toys, games and books for play and distraction.

Waiting in the Emergency Department can be a stressful time for children and families so creating an environment that could help to calm any anxieties was of utmost importance. We loved the children and young people’s ideas of bringing the outside in, and Staunch Industries have done a marvellous job of basing the design around the lovely local landscape, with lots of exciting elements for visitors to explore!

What was previously quite a clinical-looking area is now a fun, bright and vibrant space which focuses on wellbeing rather than illness, and is much more befitting of young visitors who may find a visit to the Emergency Department a little bit scary.

The St John’s Emergency Department enhancements were only made possible thanks to donations from supporters like you. Click below to find out more about supporting St John’s Hospital.