Eve's story

"We knew something was wrong"

“Eve has spent the last year fighting; everyone has put their life on hold for our beautiful daughter”

Parents, Mark and Sarah McGonigle

Eve was a healthy and well little girl for the first two years of her life. She was developing normally and went off to nursery aged two.

Around that time, though, she started to lose weight, was unsteady on her feet, began to vomit a lot and was off her food. “We knew there was something wrong” says Mark “and that it wasn’t just a virus. She was rushed to Sick Kids after a particularly bad bout of vomiting and a scan revealed a large brain tumour that had clearly been growing for some time.  She was rushed off for emergency surgery that day to relieve fluid pressure on her brain, without this she would have lost her life very soon afterwards.” 

The tumour was successfully removed a fortnight later after eight hours of surgery, but pathology results meant further treatment was required to try and avoid regrowth in the future. Eve was too young to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy was not an option for this type of tumour. So the family opted to travel to Oklahoma for proton beam therapy and hoped that Eve was clear.

"Eve's back at the Sick Kids now and has been fighting her condition ever since”

Mark, Eve's dad

But as dad, Mark, explains, “Around February 2015 we noticed that Eve couldn’t walk properly and had started to deteriorate, this was due to her not being able to cope with the dose of radiation she was given in America, and has resulted in significant brain damage.  She’s back at the Sick Kids now and has been fighting her condition ever since”.

Eve has a little sister, Lily, who also needs love and attention. Mum, Sarah says, “Lily knows who Eve is, but she’s never had a sister in the traditional sense as Eve has been unwell since Lily was three months old. It’s been a really hard slog for us all”. 

“The support we’ve had has been fantastic”, says Mark, “and we want to make sure we help other families like ourselves. That’s why we’ve been raising funds for the Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity so that families who use the new children’s hospital at Little France will benefit from all the extras that Eve, and we, have enjoyed”.


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