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Funding equipment

“What a difference the AccuVein has made to our lives"

Cole Thompson’s mum, Lisa

Lisa Quarrell and her son, Cole, have been in and out of the children's hospital for most of Cole’s life. “Cole has suffered from severe seizures since he was a baby. It's been really tough trying to give Cole some kind of normal life”. 

A simple solution….

After Cole's brain surgery, he had to give blood twice a day - every day - which was very stressfull for both Lisa and Cole.

Lisa heard one of the nurses talk about the AccuVein machine and was delighted that it turned out to be exactly what she was looking for.

“When I found out about the AccuVein machine all I could think was - what a difference this would have made to Cole – and to me!  The small, portable machine, which looks like a credit card reader, shines an infra red light on the skin highlighting the veins as clear as day. No more jabbing around to find a vein and much less pain and distress for everyone". 

Another mum, Katie, told Lisa that the vein finder means her son Kevin does not have to go to theatre now to have his medication administered. The vein finder allows the doctors to access veins and muscle pulses meaning the medication can be administered now without a general anaesthetic which is so much safer and less of a worry for the family.

"They would try to find a vein and when they finally did his vein would collapse resulting in him being held down or being wrapped around me or his dad screaming which was very upsetting for everyone..."


Relief all round

Surgical Nurse Practitioner Aileen Connor, who uses the AccuVein regularly explained, "It’s been great having this equipment in the hospital. Children can become really stressed and worried about injections, which upsets their parents too.  Using these vein finders significantly reduces this anxiety as well as reducing the time spent looking for suitable intravenous access. We’re delighted that that Lisa and Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity have been able to fund them."

A single AccuVein costs more than £3,000. Lisa decided to help Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity to fund a total of three machines for the hospital in Edinburgh, so that other children could get the same benefits. Not only did she do this but she also negotiated with the supplier to provide the machines at a discount if she could raise the money in a year.

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