Spooktacular activities!

Halloween in hospital

Goblin snot, fairy dust and dragon tears - a recipe for fun in hospital!

It's that time of year when the leaves outside are turning and we start to see pumpkins and fancy dress costumes appearing in all the shops. At the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Halloween is a time for fun, mischief and getting creative with some spooky themed crafts - all making sure that no one misses out on anything while their in hospital.  Our Arts Programme has been busy 'potion making' with children in the ward playrooms and in the outpatients waiting area - who knew you could have so much fun in hospital?

Activities included several kinds of potion making: using 'dragon tears' and 'goblin snot' (vinegar mixed with food colouring) added to 'fairy dust' (bicarbonate of soda) to make colourful foaming concoctions; adding paint to a 'cauldron' (re-purposed salad spinner!) and whizzing it around to create amazing spin paintings and finally, creating bubble potions by blowing through a straw into a soapy, painty mixture. 

(Spin paintings created by children in the Surgical Admission Unit playroom) 

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, the Arts Programme will be running a series of activities including 'Frankenstien's Lab': a 3D printing workshop, spooky animation workshops, a special 'Baby Pumpkin' Baby Sensory session, creepy torchlight storytelling, a magic show from Tricky Ricky andtrick-or-treating around the hospital. Follow our Facebook and Twitter to see more of the seasonal activities that we run in the hospital. 

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