Sick Kids Memories Time Capsule

In the run up to the opening of the new Royal Hospital for Children and Young People, we asked visitors, families, staff and volunteers to send in their memories to honour the legacy of the Sick Kids. From these, we created The Sick Kids Memories Time Capsule!

Click Here to View the Time Capsule

To access the Time Capsule, click the button above and once loaded, press click to start. You will see the historic Sick Kids building appear in front of you. At the top of the page, in the right hand corner of the red banner, you will see an image of a box with the text open your memories time capsule. This is where all memories, images and photos are stored. Open this and you can either press play to begin the slideshow or use the search function (top left) to find a specific contribution.

You can also walk through the hospital building to take a digital trip down memory lane. When looking at the outside of the hospital, simply click on the white 3D VR button in front of the doors and click through to explore.

To help you navigate this special site, you can watch a quick video demonstration here:

ECHC How to use the virtual archive & time capsule from Richard Jackson on Vimeo.

Please note: The Sick Kids Memories Time Capsule is now closed and we are unable to accept any further submissions at this time. However, if you have sent in your memories and photos and they do not currently appear in the time capsule, please email

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who responded to our requests for stories, photos and videos on social media, in the press and by email, and helped to make this special project possible.


A heartfelt thank you also to all the children, young people, families, staff and volunteers who filled the Sick Kids hospital with love and made it feel like home. We hope you enjoy this digital commemoration of a building which meant so much to so many.

The Royal Hospital for Children and Young People is now open and caring for seriously ill children and their families. Just like at the Sick Kids, your help can make it more than a hospital for Edinburgh's children for many years to come. If you can, please consider donating to our More Than A Hospital Appeal today by clicking here. Thank you.

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