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More Than A Hospital

Edinburgh's children's hospital has now moved to its new home at the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People. Just like the Sick Kids, it will be more than a hospital.

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It's where our children will be cared for and, with your help, it's where wards will become discos and bedsides will become art galleries. It's where fears will be understood, imaginations will thrive and self-belief will grow. With your help, it's where families like Emily and Rory will be supported through the toughest of times. 

Rory's mum, Emily, explains: "Our daughter Aurora-Grace, we call her Rory, was just two weeks old when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Neuroblastoma. She was given a 30% chance of survival.

"We were devastated. Having to explain to her big brother Jacob (3) that his long-awaited baby sister had to go back to hospital was heart-breaking. For him, it was as if she'd just vanished.

"For us, the fear of losing Rory was so real. The anxiety was overwhelming and the tears never stopped - but we had to fight."

"For weeks, Rory underwent what felt like an endless number of tests, blood transfusions, scans, general anaesthetics and various types of chemotherapy.

"The doctors recommended minimal handling. As a mum, all I wanted to do was hold my baby girl, but I couldn't. The possibility of never getting to hold her again felt physically painful.

"We had a small glimmer of hope when Rory's abdomen started to shrink after the first round of chemo, but then she began to quickly deteriorate again and was rushed to Intensive Care with sepsis. She was put into an induced coma, was ventilated and we prepared for the worst.

"Thankfully, our little girl kept fighting and two weeks later, we were allowed to hold her. I never thought there could be so much joy in something so simple.

"We've been through the most terrifying time of our lives, but the care and support from the hospital staff and Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity really helped us through."

"Rory is in remission and continues to defy the odds. Looking back, amongst the fear and unknown, there was play, laughter and fun, all thanks to the charity and the extraordinary hospital staff.

"Edinburgh now has a wonderful new hospital, where Rory will continue to have outpatient appointments. With your help, Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity will make sure it is more than a hospital for Rory and generations of children to come."

No child or young person wants to be in hospital but if they have to be, ECHC will be there to make the experience as positive as possible.

At the RHCYP, children and young people will be supported with our daily arts activities, ward-based youth work, family support service, the play programme, parent beds beside every child's bed, our hospital shop, and world class medical research and equipment - all from the moment they walk through the hospital doors. We rely solely on donations to be able to do this.

How your support could make a difference:

£20 can pay for a bedside support session, so children in hospital feel less alone.

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£30 can pay for a group art session on a ward, so children have fun and make friends.

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£50 can pay for a family film evening, so families can have a relaxing treat night while in hospital.

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£100 can provide a play cupboard full of toys, games and crafts on a ward to distract and entertain children.

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"The activities provided by ECHC were a wonderful distraction and brought happiness even on the toughest of days." - Emily, Rory's mum

Please consider making a donation to help make the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People more than just a hospital. Thank you.