Our new name

Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity

Why have we changed our name?

  • The Edinburgh Children’s Hospital is moving from its current site at Sciennes to a state of the art, purpose built building at Little France in early 2018
  • Previously known as the Royal Hospital for Sick Children the hospital will now be called The Royal Hospital for Children and Young People to better reflect the service it provides
  • This is a positive opportunity for The Sick Kids Friends Foundation to reflect these changes and update our own name.

Do you only support the hospital in Edinburgh?

We believe that nothing should get in the way of being a child.  We exist to transform the experiences of children and young people so they can be a child first and a patient second.  It is our great privilege to have supported the work of the current Edinburgh children’s hospital for 25 years, contributing millions of pounds in our lifetime. 

However, we also provide support at St John’s Hospital in Livingston (children’s ward, A&E, radiology), and various community healthcare settings across the Lothians, Borders and Fife. 

We have also recently begun to extend the amount of support we give to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Each year our work reaches over 110,000 babies, children and young people from all across Scotland.

Finding a name that encompasses all of this work is impossible so we hope you’ll agree that Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity is a good choice.

How did you decide on your new name and logo?

We have been speaking to lots of people about our name and logo.  This has included children, young people and families using the hospital (or who have used in the past); staff, volunteers and supporters of our charity; staff at NHS Lothian and partner organisations; and almost 200 members of the public.  We spoke to people of a range of ages and from inside and outside the city.

The new name has proved very popular across all groups of people.  Lots of people told us that our round, red logo was important to them, as they identify this with the hospital.  We decided to take the opportunity to refresh this logo but keep it familiar for those who have such affection for it.

Why are there two children in your logo now?

The logo has two people and a teddy bear in a red circle.  If you look closely you will see that the girl has her arm around the boy.  Some people see them as siblings, some as friends and some as family.  When we asked, people told us they think the logo is ‘supportive’, ‘inclusive’, ‘warm’, ‘caring’ and suggests children are ‘not alone’.  We like this and think it sums up our work perfectly.  As the upper age limit for the new hospital increases from 13 to 16 years of age, we felt we wanted to reflect this range of age in our logo.

Has it been a big expense to change your name and brand?

We have been incredibly fortunate throughout this process to have received expertise and support from many as gifts in kind.  We also had the benefit of choosing to change our name meaning we’ve been able to take our time to plan it.  This has given us time to run down stocks of materials referring to our old name, saving us money and waste.

Are you linked to any other children’s hospital charities?

Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity is an entirely independent Scottish charity.  Across Scotland and the UK there are a number of charities which support their own children’s hospital and we enjoy positive relationships with many of them, sharing best practice and ideas to continually improve what we all do. 

There are a number of charities which operate within the children’s hospital and we are pleased to work in partnership with them where it is beneficial to children and young people to do so. 

We also collaborate with others by funding a number of charitable organisations to deliver services within the hospital; and we hold special restricted funds for families who wish to raise money in memory or celebration of their child.

How can I help?

Please continue to support the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity in whatever way you can.  The Royal Hospital for Children and Young People is a major children’s hospital providing specialist services to children locally and nationally including in spinal surgery and neurology.

The hospital provides care for children and young people with cancer, has intensive care and high dependency units; an emergency department which is one of four paediatric trauma centres in Scotland; and provides surgery to tiny babies.  It also provides specialist inpatient and outpatient support for a range of long-term health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic conditions.  A new unit for children and young people’s mental health services will also open within the new hospital.

The clinical work of the hospital is world class and often ground-breaking.  We need your support to help us provide the magical extras which make a child or young persons’ stay in hospital easier.  We are always pleased to give advice on fundraising and volunteering so please get in touch.

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What else do I need to know?

You can see all the incredible projects we fund at the Edinburgh children’s hospital, St John’s Hospital and in the community, here on our website.  You can also read about our imaginative Arts and Activities Programme which makes sure every child in hospital has access to art, activity and fun.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest information. We rely entirely on donations from the public and are grateful to our many supporters for all that they do for us.