Arts & Workshops

Embracing creativity

We encourage children and young people to embrace their creative sides, using arts activities to release tension and support healing while also offering distraction from what can be a challenging environment.

From imaginative writing and weaving to painting and photography, we do everything possible to bring smiles, comfort and a little normality to bedsides, wards and waiting areas.

Our activities are often themed so children and young people don’t miss out on what they would be doing at school or with friends and family.

We pop popcorn for cinema nights, host egg-cellent Easter Bonnet competitions and craft brilliant baubles at Christmas – making sure there is something exciting on offer through spring, summer, autumn and winter!

Thank you so much for the most fun afternoon I’ve had in here! I’ve been very bored.

- Young person

You're covered in paint but you've had a great time so that's ok!

- Nurse in PICU to child after arts session