Dancing for Health

Dance is a joyful way to introduce gentle exercise into children’s routines. Whether it’s inspirational Indian dancing, classic ballet or old school hip hop, we work with dance instructors who bring plenty of fun and distraction to the wards.

Weekly Dance Sessions

Dance is a great form of exercise which provides a range of physical and mental benefits including improved heart and lung function, stronger bones; increased flexibility, co-ordination, muscle tone and balance. Most importantly, dance is fun!

We work alongside dance instructors who come into the hospital to deliver dance sessions to children and families in the ward playrooms, or at the bedside.

Dance instructor Christina works closely with the hospital’s physiotherapy team to develop individually tailored sessions for each child, in order to help aid their recovery.

Practitioners from Theiya Arts deliver enchanting performances and Indian dance sessions, pairing dancing with storytelling to spark children’s imaginations.


The first time she took part in the dance class, she hadn’t been out of her wheelchair willingly for months, and she just got straight up, keen to join in! To see her enjoyment and to watch her moving is just wonderful. It’s as if she’s so eager to take part that she forgets any worries about falling or having seizures that might hold her back.

- Mum

Step Out

Our ‘Step Out’ community dance group is open to everyone and tailored to the needs of those attending. All ages, stages, and abilities welcome!

‘Step Out’ is an inclusive dance programme that was created for children with ASN who were struggling to access dance classes in Edinburgh. All classes are funded by ECHC, so completely free to attend.

Come along to one of our inclusive and inspiring classes on Tuesday evenings at Musselburgh Primary Care Centre, where children can strut their stuff, build confidence, and experience the fun and joy of dancing in a supportive and friendly environment.

For more information and to sign up, please email rosalind.sanderson@echcharity.org or call 0131 312 0359.