We are hugely thankful to our friends in trusts, foundations and companies and to the individuals who make transformational gifts.

Why partner with us?

With unprecedented pressure on the NHS, the need for philanthropic giving is bigger than ever to ensure world class care in Edinburgh.

We want to work closely to match your interests with the hospital’s most urgent priorities. Every penny that you give needs to work as hard as possible in transforming the hospital experience for children and young people.

The hospital’s priorities are communicated to us through discussions with NHS Lothian and our Grants Programme application process. We only fund work of the highest quality that has a clear benefit to seriously ill children and their families, which NHS budgets cannot cover.

On partnering with us, we promise to make giving to ECHC a truly rewarding experience.

Recognising our supporters

Your level of involvement and recognition of your gift will be determined by your wishes.

Your support means the world to us, to the NHS and to the children and families we help. We can privately and publicly recognise your gift in line with your preferences through our publications, social media channels, press releases and sponsorship opportunities; bespoke films, photos, hospital visits, meetings with medical experts and impact reports.

While NHS Lothian has a ‘no plaque’ policy within the hospital, we enjoy finding creative ways to recognise support.