Youth Work

We believe that children and young people shouldn’t miss out on the things they enjoy doing just because they are in hospital.

Youth Work

Our approach puts children and young people in charge. We work with the child or young person to identify any issues they are facing while in hospital; and agree and deliver a range of activities and interventions to support them.

We can help to provide entertainment and enjoyment for distraction to children and young people of any age, or we can take the time to listen and provide support to ease any worries or concerns.

We can do this in a safe space away from the clinical areas of the hospital, such as The Hub, at the bedside or in the adolescent spaces (12+) on Dalhousie Ward.

I’ve never had such an open chat or come across adults who cared before. Normally people don’t like to listen to what I have to say.

Young person supported by our team

Youth Group

On Monday evenings, we run a Youth Group for  young people aged 12 and older who are known to the hospital. It is a great opportunity to relax, socialise and have fun, and new faces are always welcome!

If you would like to join the Youth Group or find out more, please do get in touch.

LGBT Charter

At ECHC, we strive to ensure all our services value, include and support children, young people and staff regardless of sexual orientation, gender, age, race and religion.

As part of our ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity, we achieved the LGBT Charter (Silver Award). It is hugely important to us that children and young people feel welcome everywhere, and that all ECHC spaces are positive, safe and understanding.

We worked in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland and consulted with children and young people who use our services in order to achieve this. Here are some helpful resources:

Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People
Top Tips for Trans Inclusion in Youth Work Spaces