News and Stories - Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity

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Our stories

Kieran’s Gift for Guitar

"I played my guitar more than ever in hospital, sometimes for over 6 hours a day, so my technique improved fast!"

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Katie’s Passion for Piping

"Thanks to her life-changing surgery, Katie can continue to pursue her passion for piping."

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Pinocchio’s Nurseries Celebrates 12 Years of Incredible Fundraising!

There's no stopping the terrific Pinocchio's team who will do anything & everything to fundraise for children in hospital.

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Oor Crossing Comes Home to Edinburgh’s Children’s Hospital

Oor Crossing comes home to Edinburgh's Children's Hospital.

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Keiano’s Courage

"He’s such a bright, caring boy and has not let one surgery hold him back."

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Daring Duo Brave Baltic Temperatures

Daring duo Finn and Gavin braved baltic temperatures to help children in hospital.

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Hope’s Hospital Story

"We never thought there would be so much fun and laughter in hospital!"

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Superhero Abseil Brings Cheer to Children in Hospital

A Marvel-lous surprise for children and young people in hospital!

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Joshua’s Greatest Gift

"By the time he was ready to go to theatre, he was asking ‘to go for his special sleep' to get his new liver!"

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Brave Joey Lights Up Christmas

Little Joey lights up Christmas at the hospital!

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Aidan’s Determination

"Our strong, rugby-playing son was not only fighting for his life, but also for the use of his legs."

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Myles’ Hospital Journey

"The charity activities provided such relief. For that time, we were able to enjoy the environment and forget that we were actually stuck in hospital."

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