Music Making

Hitting all the right notes

Music is such a powerful tool. It builds confidence and creativity, giving children and young people a means of expressing emotions and the chance to make new friends.

We team up with the super talented Tinderbox Collective – an Edinburgh-based group of artists and gigging musicians – to bring weekly music making workshops to the hospital.

No two sessions are ever the same. Whether it’s a large group performing together in a playroom, individual bedside jam sessions, song writing classes or a baby’s first lullaby; Tinderbox help children and young people to regain a sense of control during their time in hospital while also offering an outlet for creative expression.

Thank you to Rhys for playing guitar with my son. It really brightens up his day to do some guitar playing with a great musician.

- Parent of teenage boy in for a long stay

Can you stay all day? It's so lovely to hear music on the ward!

- Nurse in ICU