Richard's Walk for Aksel

Richard and Kate’s son Aksel was just shy of his seventh birthday when he was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma – an incurable form of brain cancer.

Aksel was flown from Shetland to Aberdeen, before being rushed to the RHCYP, but sadly died just nine weeks after his diagnosis.

Now, Richard has retraced the journey his son took in those final weeks. On what would have been Aksel’s 9th birthday, he arrived at the hospital having completed an incredible 200-mile fundraising walk.

Richard says, “When we were told Aksel’s diagnosis had no cure, I started walking. It helped to control the panic I felt.

We're so lucky that we had him, that he was our child.

- Richard, Aksel's dad

“Aksel was just like me. He was very cheeky and funny, always getting up to mischief. He was a spitfire – very independent and very determined.

“There’s been ups, downs and lots of round abouts along this 200 mile journey, but it’s not been as hard as I expected. Aksel kept me going. The music I was listening to reminded me of times with Aksel.

“I have no words to describe how it feels to have completed this challenge. I genuinely didn’t know if I could make it, but I hope that by doing this in memory of Aksel, it makes an enormous difference to the charities.”

Richard, we think you and your family are incredible. What a wonderful thing to do to honour and remember Aksel. Thank you so much for taking on this mighty challenge for ECHC and Abbie’s Army. You are an inspiration

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