St John's Maternity Refurbished

New parents and their babies staying at St John’s Hospital will now benefit from fully refurbished maternity spaces, thanks to funding from St John’s Children’s Fund.

Following a £43,000 renovation, the family spaces and waiting areas within the maternity and labour wards have been transformed, providing welcoming and comfortable environments to help the birthing experience and to support families’ first moments together.

New parents who had given birth at St John’s and their birthing partners, staff and a local antenatal group were actively involved in the redesign. They suggested a nature theme with neutral, calming colours to reduce stress levels and give the spaces a cosier and more homely feel.

St John’s Children’s Fund worked with Staunch Industries who carried out the design and installation of the project and Louise Kirby for bespoke artwork and illustrations.

The labour ward waiting area, family education room, feeding room and day room have all been refurbished, with key features including a pastel colour scheme, comfortable furniture and flowing artworks of flowers and leaves.

Lesley Macaulay, Charge Midwife at St John’s Hospital, said: “Before, during and after labour, it is essential for parents to be in a relaxing and calm environment as this can help to keep oxytocin levels up, lower stress, and encourage the production of natural hormones which help with relationship building with their baby.

“Thanks to this funding, the areas now feel much more comfortable and homely, making the experience of visiting the labour and maternity wards positive for new parents and their families. The refurbished spaces have been universally well received by visitors as well as staff.”