St John's Maternity

For soon-to-be and new parents, emotions, excitement and exhaustion levels are high, so being as relaxed and comfortable as possible during time spent in hospital is hugely important.

That’s why, working alongside designers Staunch Industries and Louise Kirby, and thanks to supporter donations, we provided £43,000 of funding to transform the maternity spaces at St John’s Hospital, creating welcoming environments to reduce stress and support families’ first moments together.

We asked parents who had given birth at St John’s, staff and a local antenatal group to be involved in the makeover. They suggested a nature theme with calming colours and comfortable furniture to give the spaces a cosier, more homely feel.

What were previously quite clinical-looking areas now feel much more comfortable and homely, making the experience of visiting the labour and maternity wards more positive for new families.

Lesley Macaulay, Charge Midwife at St John's

The labour ward waiting area, family education room, feeding room and day room have all been refurbished, with key features including a pastel colour scheme, soft lighting, comfortable furniture and flowing artworks of flowers and leaves.

Before, during and after labour, it is essential for women to be in a relaxing and calm environment as this can help to keep oxytocin levels up, lower stress, reduce any need for surgery and encourage the production of natural hormones which help with breastfeeding and bonding.

We hope the redesign will support this, and make the experience of visiting the labour and maternity wards positive for new parents and their families for many years to come.

The St John’s Maternity Department enhancements were only made possible thanks to donations from supporters like you. Click below to find out more about supporting St John’s Hospital.