Buzzy Bee Kits

The very thought of injections can spark panic in children, and the fear of needles remains a common phobia even among adults.

That’s why ECHC funds Buzzy Bee kits for the hospital – a drug free pain relief for children and young people which takes the sting out of getting injections.

Buzzy is a cute, vibrating bee with ice pack wings. When placed upstream, it eliminates or dulls the sharp pain of injections by confusing the body’s own nerves and distracting attention away from the needle, helping to make tears at jab time a thing of the past.

Rheumatology patients often have to have weekly injections, so it’s a fantastic way of making these as painless as possible. Most importantly they are fun and they are a distraction for kids who unfortunately have to spend a lot of time receiving jabs.

Imogen Kelly, paediatric and adolescent rheumatology nurse specialist