Toby's Brave Bucket List Leap

“Our whole world stopped when Toby (then 9) was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The first thing he asked was ‘am I going to die?’

“Treatment started straight away. There were so many strange new words, so many treatments and operations. At one point he was on nine different types of chemo in one week.

“Life changed, not just for Toby but for our whole family. You can’t make plans. Life revolved around each 10 week block of chemo and we had to learn how to care for him.

“He had eight months of intensive treatment, which saw us driving backwards and forwards to Edinburgh five or six times a week and he had to stop school as he just wasn’t well enough.

Life changed, not just for Toby but for our whole family.

- Alison, Toby's mum

“He then had maintenance chemo every day at home for three years and theatre every 12 weeks for chemo in his spine. It was no easy ride.

“But he just dealt with everything that was thrown at him. Losing his hair twice, infections, sickness, weight loss and weight gain… He took it all in his stride and never stopped smiling.

“Like everyone who goes through the hospital, the doctors and nurses become your family. Dr Matt Howard-Jones is the most amazing man, and was there for Toby from day one. They have such a strong connection.

“After 1235 days, Toby was pronounced cancer free on the 25th April 2018. A skydive has always been on his bucket list, so it’s wonderful to see him tick this off!”

“He is so strong and courageous, a total legend and we’re incredibly proud of him.” – Alison, Toby’s mum

Toby and family friend Bruce are jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet! The daredevil duo are generously raising funds to help seriously ill children in hospital. Show them your support by donating below.

If you would like to take on a once-in-a-lifetime challenge to make time spent in hospital better for children and their families, click here to sign up for our April skydive!