Story - Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity

Braving Baltic Temperatures

Ruth’s Story

“Ruth’s diagnosis of Moyamoya disease changed our lives forever.”

Josh’s Hospital Journey

“He will ask, ‘Why me? Why do I have this and other kids don’t?’ I can see it in his eyes and it just breaks my heart.”

Lily’s Long-Term Conditions

“As someone who already struggled with their mental health, I found developing chronic conditions really tough.”

Mason’s Story

“He shouldn’t have to be this brave at six years old.”

Warners Solicitors Smash Edinburgh’s Seven Hills Challenge

We are putting our feet up for a rest now whilst we think up our next challenge!

Leith’s Superhero Splash for Cash

A daring fundraising dip in aid of a real life superhero!

Kieran’s Gift for Guitar

“I played my guitar more than ever in hospital, sometimes for over six hours a day, so my technique improved fast!”

Katie’s Passion for Piping

“Thanks to her life-changing surgery, Katie can continue to pursue her passion for piping.”

Pinocchio’s Nurseries Celebrates 12 Years of Incredible Fundraising!

There’s no stopping the terrific Pinocchio’s team who will do anything & everything to fundraise for children in hospital.

Oor Crossing Comes Home to Edinburgh’s Children’s Hospital

Oor Crossing comes home to Edinburgh’s Children’s Hospital.

Keiano’s Courage

“He’s such a bright, caring boy and has not let one surgery hold him back.”

Daring Duo Brave Baltic Temperatures

Daring duo Finn and Gavin braved baltic temperatures to help children in hospital.